The proposer(s), or any partner, or any director, or any officer, have:-
a) never been declared bankrupt or disqualified from being a company director
b) no outstanding County Court Judgement(s) or Sheriff Court Decree(s)
c) never been officers of a company that has been declared insolvent, or had a receiver or liquidator appointed, or entered into arrangements with creditors in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986
d) never been convicted or have any prosecutions pending or been given an official police caution, in respect of any criminal offence other than motoring offences
e) never had any insurance proposal declined, renewal refused, had any special or increased terms applied or had insurance cancelled or avoided by Underwriters
f) never been prosecuted for failing to comply with any Health & Safety or Welfare or Environmental Protection legislation
Your business:-
a) does not have an annual turnover in excess of £1,000,000
b) does not have more than 12 manual working persons at any one time including you, principals, partners, directors and officers (clerical working persons can be in addition to the limit of 12 manual working persons)
c) payments for work carried out by Bona-Fide Sub-Contractors do not exceed 25% of your annual turnover 
If you cannot agree with the above statement please give your reasons below.